“mindfulness” challenge

My “mindfulness” challenge for myself everyday has been to notice my change of positions. To notice when I change from sitting to standing or vice versa. An incredibly simple task that I commit myself to in the morning, but when the end of the day has come I realize that I did not once notice my change in position.

It is easy to remember back to the times in the day when I moved.

And it is easy to think in the future I’ll be able to notice this.

But noticing in the present moment– incredibly difficult.

The purpose of the exercise is obvious: to bring awareness to my body in the present moment…. which has become easier for me when I carve out specific moments for this awareness. For example, my run is a dedicated embodiment time. Or moments during meditation are dedicated as well. But to have a random action prompt embodiment has proven quite the task.

The difficulty in the task has illuminated how much of my day I spend in my mind. And that observation, if the only thing I get from it, has been useful. Because so much of my time is spent focused on this one part of my experience (thinking), I often begin to believe that my thoughts are the realest thing. But leaning into embodiment remind me that is just a part of the experience.

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