…is an anagram of the word, axiom which means, “a statement or proposition which is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.” When everything is disheveled, or falling apart– axioms always seem like a good place to start: what is something that we all agree to be true?

I find axioms helpful both personally and in community. After paradigm shifts, I often find myself unraveling, confused and perhaps even lonely. In order to rebuild my view of the world, I start with axioms: what do I know is true?

In a good community there is a diversity of people, opinions, and beliefs. Axioms are a guiding force back to connection. Yes, maybe we disagree on many things, but what if instead we use our shared beliefs as a tendril of connection?


In a world that feels like it is constantly falling apart, unraveling, and changing, I write music as a way of coming back to the roots. The ideas regarded as self-evidently true.

This allows me the opportunity to wander through feelings (dark, heavy, light, and joyous) with the knowledge that no matter how I feel one day, regardless of the roller coaster of reactions– that no feeling is ever final.




Feeling overwhelmed with feeling?
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