“The only lasting truth is Change.” Octavia Butler Can we notice the change without judging it? Noticing the resistance to it?

25 || bibliography

Bibliographies are reminders that we never do the work alone. So much thanks to my friends and to all the people doing their work which inspires mine. As always, this list is inconclusive. bibliography (“25”) Sarah- her kindness leaks into the music and creates such a sweet space to make things. Joel- has a such…

25 || lyrics

Songs to me are like containers for feelings. Pre-song, a feeling is sprawling, wild, almost *unbearable*, but then after I write the right song for it— it fits somewhere. It fits in the container I made it. It feels more manageable. I can still feel the thing without feeling overwhelmed by it. It is contained.…

if/then || 25

If you had expectations of what it would mean to be an adult… If you thought, by now, you could be/do anything, but!.. If you found that you can limit yourself just as much as other people had.. Then this is for you, tomorrow.


eventually it will go away, eventually it will come back.

center of the universe

The world is not out to get you— it’s apathetic. People are not thinking about the dumb thing you said— they’re thinking about the dumb thing they said. In our self-consumption it’s easy to forget that everyone else is also just consumed with themselves.


interesting that most of the cultural messages we receive have to do with more or less. and then the illusion of hope is that once we have (or are) more, less– then we will be __(happy?)____. Not enough now, but will be once we do this/be this/buy this.

uncomplicated ideals

Spring break of my final year of grad school, I stayed in a cabin in the Smokey Mountains for a couple of nights. I was trying to bribe myself into–you know– figuring out what to do with the rest of my life. Or at least what to do next. I was like, “I’ll just sit…


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