I have been thinking a lot recently about sitting with my anxiety. Not about beating it, but about going deep into it– to try to understand it. Whenever I try to “beat it” or make it quiet, I usually just end up swallowed by it. So, I’ve been asking, “what are you actually trying to […]

composing & care

With this song stuck in my head, I’ve been thinking about Caroline Shaw’s contribution to the musical world. I’ve played a couple of her pieces, including her piece for solo cello In manus tuas. And the thing that is so evident while playing her work is her attitude of care for the performer. Which, in […]

what u look for

What you look for, is what you will find. That can feel equally nightmarish but also a gift. If I look for grace, I will see it. If I look for reasons to be afraid, I will find them. So, maybe, the key is to look for what I want to see more of.

two things that I’ll probably spend the rest of my life unlearning

1.) people are inherently bad. if anything, people are inherently good. whether i learned it directly or sub-textually, this is a life philosophy that i do not ascribe to any longer, but have found that it has deep roots in my outlook. 2.) the world is out to get you. “the world” is not out […]


Thinking about how chaos can force you into peace. How sometimes you need to have no option but to accept, until you finally accept. How choices sometimes have to feel like the last best option in order to move forward.

don’t steal the revelation

Thinking about Seth Godin’s words on suspense, and leading a person to the curiosity rather than supplying all the answers: “It’s a mystery and then the mystery is resolved. That tension is in all forms of teaching and culture… The mistake we often make– if you know a lot and are trying to teach someone […]


Acceptance creates space. Space for new ideas. Space for curiosity. Space for a new way of being.


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