Tag: selfhelp

  • anti-motivation motivational speech

    There’s a certain speech I give myself when I’m exasperated and really don’t want to do the thing I need to. It’s the the speech that follows my internal question of: what can I do to motivate myself? My answer? When have I ever needed motivation to do something? I don’t need motivation, I simply…

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  • happy or sad?

    Today’s self-help books are written about how to become happier. In the Renaissance, they were about becoming sadder. Tiffany Watt Smith discussed this in her Ted Talk as well as in her delightful book, The Book of Human Emotions. During the Renaissance, the idea was that if you practice the emotion of sadness, it won’t…

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  • “self-help”

    It’s interesting to think about current “self-help” trends. So often the “help” is framed within capitalist standards: How do you make yourself better? By becoming “happier.” How do you become happier? By buying more things. (like the self-help book!) How do you buy more things? You make more money. How you make more money? The…

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