Tag: grief

  • the truth

    Here’s the thing: You can hide that bad behavior/habit. You can pretend it is not affecting anyone. You can gaslight people when they ask about it. You can act like everything is alright. You can lie to everyone so much you start to believe it. But, at the end of the day– the truth still…

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  • a song to accompany your day…

    It’s here. Recommended listening if you’ve felt angry, sad and complacent all mushed together into one feeling. Or if you’ve ever been kept awake by the question, “what will become of us?” Thanks for listening!

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  • is pleasure inherently bound with music written on the subject of grief?

    Grief is often linked to grandiose perceptions of life, but is that always accurate when performing a grief-ridden work of art? Doesn’t the very act of writing a piece/song on a grief reveal that the composer was reveling in their misery? I would say yes. And to revel implies choice, and a choice to be…

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