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  • capitalism

    I’ve been working too much but realized how much I love saying, “I’ve been working too much.” And also actually really enjoy working too much because as much as I berate it- I fucking love capitalism. Capitalism is my lived value. I can say how much it fucks everything over (it does.) How it destroys…

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  • what is a body?

    a body is a living organism with ability to sense and engage with the world and think critically. A body is our own personal site with which we engage with the world. Through it, we are able to sense our surroundings and respond. In it, we make decisions that determine how we move about social…

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  • “self-help”

    It’s interesting to think about current “self-help” trends. So often the “help” is framed within capitalist standards: How do you make yourself better? By becoming “happier.” How do you become happier? By buying more things. (like the self-help book!) How do you buy more things? You make more money. How you make more money? The…

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