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  • haunted house || bibliography

    Bibliographies are proof that work is never done alone, even if the work is done “alone.” I love taking this academic concept and applying it to my songwriting and production. As always, this bibliography is not comprehensive, but merely what/who I remember thinking about when I wrote and produced “haunted house.” bibliography (“haunted house”)

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  • “my little brother” | bibliography

    There are so many things I despise about academia (you probably know this about me if we have spoken for 5 minutes), BUT one thing I love is a good bibliography. Bibliographies are the foundation of the writing process. I love to read them as I research, and I love to write them because it […]

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  • “Que Sera” Bibliography

    “Que Sera” Bibliography

    Tomorrow, the song I arranged and recorded will be available wherever you listen to music. The song is “Que Sera,” written in 1956 by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. I think that all art is imitation, but most of the time we are simply unaware of it. When I arranged this song, I traced inspiration […]

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