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  • occupation as a lens

    I’ve been noticing that every time I learn or work with a new skill how I see the world changes. But maybe more importantly, how I see and connect to people also changes. My most habitual skill, of course, is music-making. Watching a pianist perform versus a cellist is a completely different experience for me […]

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  • spring


    At the beginning of every spring I promise myself that I will notice how slow it takes for the trees to fill out with green leaves. I will notice which plants bloom first. How long it takes the colors to change. And I do notice. For the first few days I track the change. And […]

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  • temporal art

    I’ve been thinking about how temporal art is most often built in a way to convince the audience to come along for the journey. Books have stories, and characters that become endeared to the reader. Podcasts have hooks. Music (depending on the genre) creates a pull for to the tonic. It feels almost like advertising- […]

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  • “how do you set poetry to music?”

    “how do you set poetry to music?”

    A friend recently asked me, “how do you set poetry to music?” and I think there are a couple approaches but the easiest (but also the answer no one wants to hear) is that you just do it. You sit down with your instrument (or without) and start singing the poetry. Oftentimes the hardest part […]

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  • why?

    I do this because it makes me confront the imposter’s syndrome everyday. I have to look at the fear everyday and decide that despite everything that it is telling me, that I will indeed make something and publish it. It is a practice. Right now, it is mostly for me. To learn: to learn how […]

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  • revisited: is attention the beginning of devotion??

    I was having dinner with friends a couple of weeks ago and they brought up my blog post about on attention and devotion. “Is attention the beginning of devotion?” they asked. I had never really doubted the truth of Mary Oliver’s words because they resonated so deeply within me. I fumbled my way through examples […]

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  • attention + devotion

    “Attention is the beginning of devotion.” -Mary Oliver I like the definition of devotion that says it is “love, loyalty or enthusiasm for a person, activity or cause.” It sometimes feels like there are a lot of roadblocks on the path to attention. Easy-ways out. Disruption or distraction. What do I need to set aside […]

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