gcac – a note

I am so grateful to have been awarded the GCAC Artist grant. Making music (in whatever form: recording! producing! playing!) is one of my favorite ways of connecting with my community and it means so much to have a local organization that supports me in that. ✨

I spend most of my music-making time alone. But I’ve been realizing this past year, more than ever, that art is never made alone. Into my studio I bring the words of my teachers, my peers, my colleagues, the people I love, etc. And then, I also bring the people who support me and my work.

On that list, I’m so grateful to have GCAC.

If you’re an artist, live in Columbus, and need support for things such as production/mixing/mastering fees, microphones, gear, etc (!) I would highly recommend looking into GCAC. 

So excited to share the work that GCAC has enabled! 

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