25 || bibliography

Bibliographies are reminders that we never do the work alone. So much thanks to my friends and to all the people doing their work which inspires mine.

As always, this list is inconclusive.



  • My cute-ass friends who said “YES!” when I asked them if they wanted to record some strings for a song in like… a day? (“no worries if not.”)

Sarah– her kindness leaks into the music and creates such a sweet space to make things. Joelhas a such a way of seeing the world that just makes everything more interesting. (“SHOUT-OUT C MAJOR”).

Mei-Lia (aka ml) sees people in the way that want to be seen and makes you feel like you’re a sparkling human being, when really it is her making you shine. I want to make music with y’all forever. kthanksbye.

In this episode, Noor Gill talks about the weird sensation of being 25 (often the youngest one at the workplace), saying, “I think it’s like, it’s scary because you’re trying to prove to people that you’re not an idiot, but then you think you’re an idiot, too. So it’s just, it’s hard. You worry about the smallest things, like stupid things, like how I would send an email, or like how I’m sitting in my chair. I think you worry about how your coworkers are going to see you. And then you start to realize that no one even cares. I’ve definitely shown up late, and it made no difference.”

  • This blog post about uncertainty and being at the beginning of your career.
  • Bobby Hawk’s string arrangements on “August” fucking blow my mind.
  • Matt James: Matt is the brilliant mind behind the production of my first EP, and this past summer I approached him about working together on this song. He patiently guided me along the production process (as I’ve been trying to do more on my own). Some of my favorite memories from this song are talking/working production in Matt’s studio and sipping on scotch. Did I mention he also mixed and mastered it??

You can listen here:

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