responsible & free

I wrote 25 after a year of realizing that I’m the only one responsible for my career, and that I had a year until I was done with school forever. I felt frightened by the prospect, knowing that sometimes I lie in bed instead of doing work.

Knowing that a career in music can be a complete crapshoot.

Knowing that I don’t always use every opportunity I could to grow.

It was like fully acknowledging my limitations for the first time. I love creative work so much, but also don’t always work hard enough. And I don’t even know what that means sometimes.

So in these movements of being overwhelmed with all that I had to do, I just wanted out. To go back to when I was 15 dreaming of being 25 and how good it would feel. My 15 year old self believed my 25 year old self would have no limitations, and sometimes it feels like that is the limitation. (to believe that there are none.) 25 felt like continuing to see everything that’s in my way, instead of the opportunities that there were there.

25 felt responsible and old.

25 also felt like freedom.

25 is coming to you, January 27th.❤️

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