relationship with the cold

I try, every year, to continue running (outdoors) throughout the winter. I don’t love the cold. And by “don’t love”, I mean I really don’t like cold weather. I prefer to be indoors, under a blanket, probably napping. But I’ve realized that for my mind health, I need to keep up a habit of movement. There is something about embracing the reality of the weather that feels rejuvenating to me, and perhaps allows me to appreciate the warmth more, too, in whatever pockets I can find it.

It is also more difficult to distance myself from what I’m doing while running in the cold…in a good way. When the weather is warmer, I often find myself zoning out while running. But in the cold, I move in the opposite direction. There is a harshness that demands my full attention. I feel particularly attuned to my body and how it feels. Which is what I’m chasing, anyway.

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