haunted house || bibliography

Bibliographies are proof that work is never done alone, even if the work is done “alone.” I love taking this academic concept and applying it to my songwriting and production. As always, this bibliography is not comprehensive, but merely what/who I remember thinking about when I wrote and produced “haunted house.”


(“haunted house”)

  • Glenn Davis: Glenn is the reason why this song sounds good. So thrilled to have him mix and master this one.
  • Sara Castro: Sara provided the haunting whistles that you hear in the middle of the song. Not only is she an amazing whistler, but also heart-touching songwriter, artist, and musician. So grateful for her contribution to this song.
  • happier than ever: billie does this thing where it the top half of the song feels a little under water, and then it opens. i loved this concept, and did kind of the reverse in hh!
  • creep: love the smallness of verses and the grunge in the choruses.
  • lithium: constraint and then explosion.

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