i am a haunted house

Finding words to talk about music I’m releasing can be, at times, very tricky. I’ve always used songwriting as a way to process confusing events or feelings.

(ok! I’ll be real, all the emotions are confusing to me. Why do we have emotions? {rhetorical— please don’t tell me} and why do they effect me? How dare this emotion change my day!! really, though. The nerve) 

Anyway… confusing  to me because they are not often talked about, which adds this layer of “am I the only one?” Which can inevitably lead to shame. 

But, what keeps me releasing scary music is two-fold:

1.) other artists doing the same scary work that makes me kinda go wide-eyed then very relieved

2.) the hope that it’s not just me who has felt this thing.

That is my very long way to say, “haunted house” is out today. You can listen on all streaming platforms. I hope it freaks you out.

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