daily ritual

What am I finding in this daily ritual of writing?

  • Some days it is easy, other days it is bang-my-head-on-the-table frustrating.
  • I never have writer’s block, however, I do have “publishing-block.” Which is where I simply judge the words so harshly that I won’t publish them, and therefore have to find/write a new idea.
  • It feels scary to make an assertion.
  • I’ve written daily for almost as long as I can remember. And I always thought that it would be just the same to write and share that work. It is not. Writing when you know that the work will be read is completely different than writing for yourself.
  • I’m almost never proud of the thing that I decide to post. I only ever post it because I made the decision to do it back in June. This is probably the most interesting to me because I have looked back a couple of times on things I wrote months ago– and it is not as terrible as I thought at the time. Some of it definitely does not hold up for me, but there are other posts that I am (now) proud of.

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