what is a body?

a body is a living organism with ability to sense and engage with the world and think critically. A body is our own personal site with which we engage with the world.

Through it, we are able to sense our surroundings and respond.

In it, we make decisions that determine how we move about social and physical spaces. Our bodies are connected to the space around us, meaning that they will respond to any sensory input. This response and integration points to the interconnectedness of us and our environment. Realizing that we are connected to our environment is perhaps an invitation to expand our idea of connection: if we are connected to this, then what else are we connected to?

How does realizing this connection effect us?

Perhaps it will lead us to noticing more. What would happen if I stopped and observed the light in the space for a minute? What would happen if I noticed distant sounds for a minute?

What if these connections to our surroundings could fill our reservoir of wanting?

What if my previous idea of: what I want is more things, more money– was wrong? and the truth is that I want to feel connected to my life, my body, and my community?

maybe what it means to be a body is different at every moment and in every century. But in this moment we’re learning that to be a body means you must ignore the multitude of voices telling you that you want products and you are a product, and instead engage with what is front of you, what you know to be true in your body.

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