stranger || lyrics


you must own the world

i am a stranger here

you take in my body and

i don’t say a word

i walk on the road

you have space on the sidewalk

i smile when you walk in

you don’t owe a thing

all i want is to be seen

i’m in your face,

but you’re still taking up my space

you talk and talk about things i’ve always known

i think you think you own me

if I say it just right if I point out all your errors

apologize for speaking out

will you believe me then?

This song was played for and reviewed by a podcast, and after it played the host proceeded to make comments like. ” who is this woman? i want to marry her.” and all i could think was, “isn’t it ironic?”

ironic that he was doing exactly what i was taking about in the song, he was seeing me for the gender instead of the person that i was. yes, maybe he was saying nice things but still. he completely missed it. he was doing what the world has so-often done to women for the better part of our history– seeing us as something that could serve them.

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