“half of your cigarette”

“half of your cigarette” || reprise – demo

This song that I wrote 5 (?) years ago, popped into my head the other night, so I recorded what I remembered.

The original song was 4 minutes or something, but I think the 0:50 version says just as much as the long version. In fact, maybe it is says more.

I think there is something about brevity that gives space for other feelings and memories to arise. My temptation when I write is to fill up every empty space so there is no question about the intention or meaning…. but, remembering only this fragment of the song is challenging that thought process.

The other thing I thought about while remembering this little tune was how dramatic the lyrics were. Or maybe it is just the fact that I used the word, “heart,” which is such a cliche and overused word that it kind of changes the whole demeanor of the song. (?)

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