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There are so many things I despise about academia (you probably know this about me if we have spoken for 5 minutes), BUT one thing I love is a good bibliography.

Bibliographies are the foundation of the writing process. I love to read them as I research, and I love to write them because it means that I didn’t do this work alone.

So, I’m bringing bibliographies into the non-academic work. This list is just a start of the references, the people and work that I remember pulling from.


(“my little brother”)

  • Maurice Ravel: String Quartet in F major, 1st movement. I wrote more about this here, but mostly just love a delicious quote.
  • Glenn Davis Mixing/Mastering: Handed this off to Glenn for mixing, and he made it sound good.
  • Maggie Rogers: “Different kind of World” I love Roger’s way of transforming an acoustic moment into an explosive one.
  • This video of Jack Anotonoff talking about the making of, “Don’t take the money,”… I think it is this video anyway. He said something brilliant about using found sound to lighten the texture of the song and open it up. Either here or somewhere else.
  • Fields and Planes, “Ana María” Years ago, I was privileged with recording cello for this song, and the string-writing was just so fun and good that it has stuck with me. (the pizzicato part around 1:50 is especially yum)

You can listen to the full song here:

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