my little brother || lyrics

I distinctly remember the impossibility I felt as a child that I/we would ever be anything other than kids. It seemed impossible that my siblings would have their own family, or that our priorities would shift, or that we would have real responsibilities. That we would get jobs. Or not live in the same house.

But then, of course, it happened.

This song is an ode to that feeling. A love song for family amongst all of our complications and failures.


(“my little brother”)

My little brother’s getting married this winter

And my sisters son is our guide to 

All the light we want but could not see

I watched them grow as I was still growing 

Tried to teach them things I didn’t know

And I see that they have taught me too

He used to pull out my hair 

And now I watch as he stares 

Into the eyes of one he has chosen to love 

How you live is how you love

My mom she taught us to stick with each other

And my Dad he showed us how to recover 

In a world that wants to numb it all

We’re trading days in the soft night of the evening

Smell of basil and city fills the air 

Repeat the same bits as if we’ve never heard them 

Laughing at the rhyme  and not the joke

Someday I know this will end

Roads they converge and will bend 

Be it famine or feud or tragedy due 

I’m glad I shared these years with you