“…I think part of what she is getting at is this: dignity is not based on scarcity. And dignity is something that is very hard to claim for yourself and particularly easy to offer to someone else.

And if people are worried about beauty in the sense of high heels or in the sense of, you know, ripped pectoral muscles earned at the gym or a fancy haircut. Those people are looking at the world, through status, through scarcity and through a mirror. They are looking at themselves. They want to be picked. They want to be respected. But what it means to show up to offer other people dignity is to say, “I see you. I have a hunch for what you need. Here, I’m offering this to you, not with a sense of scarcity, because now I don’t have it either, but with the sense of abundance, because if I can offer you dignity, now we both earn dignity.”

 And so Jacqueline, who is Stanford MBA with a long history of understanding capitalism, is saying to capitalists: There’s a kind of patient capital there. It’s easy to forget, not that fake Nobel Prize Milton Friedman selfish short-term thinking, Maximize shareholder value today, sort of capitalism. But the capitalism that says, when we engage with other people, and bring them to our table and go to their table, we are offering them, a sort of dignity.

And if we can do that with patience and we can do that with abundance, we discover that that might be where purpose comes from.”

Seth Godin, from Akimbo “Cybertruck”

It all starts with learning to see…

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