autumn nostalgia

something changes inside you as you watch your younger siblings become adults. 

it’s one thing to come of age, but something different—maybe sweeter, maybe more difficult— to watch them come of age, too. 

this song feels like October to me. it’s all about change. observing it. taking part in it. accepting it. i decided to actually give the song a shelf life by producing it. (and that version is coming into the world on September 30th.)

i know it is a cliche to like fall, but….I love fall. I love watching any season change. It makes me feel alive. it feels like such a gift to be able to witness change, whether it be watching the leaves change colors and fall to the ground, or watching the people I love change, and open, and become. 

it feels like a chance to look at where we have been. who we used to be. 

from the kids on the playground or bickering in the backseat of the car. to now, the relationships we carry: my little brother getting married. or my sister having children of her own. and all of the little changes in between.

if summer is an extrovert, autumn is the introvert— recoiling back to understand what just happened. this song is that: recoiling back to understand what just happened. 

whoa, if you made it this far– thank you!!

you can stream it on all platforms 9/30. (just in time for October 😉 ) so excited for you to hear it.

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