self-limiting beliefs

I’m trying to change the story I’m telling myself about myself. My self-limiting beliefs. And I’m trying to do that by living the change.

I don’t think I have the right to add something to the public everyday. I don’t think that I have value to add. So I’m making myself do it. I don’t think I can produce music on my own that will sound okay, so I’m making myself do it (whether it sounds okay or not).

My limitations run so deep that sometimes I don’t even recognize that the way I’m acting is not because that is who I am, but rather about who I think I should be. And a lot of times the “should be” story has roots in a story that someone I don’t even respect told me about me. Or what I anticipated they would say about me.

It is dumb. So, instead I’m asking, “why don’t I think I can do this?” And if the answer starts with, “not” and ends with, “enough,” — I’m trying to ignore it.

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