“relatable content”

I’m so intrigued by the “relatable content” era on social media and social media in general. How is it changing we relate to each other? And how is it changing our daily lives?

One thing I think about often if I’ve been over-consuming media is how it changes how I think about what I’m doing.

Think of one of those videos where the performer/person is making a recipe. You don’t see them follow every step of the recipe; but instead, in 1 minute, you see them throw everything in, mix it, and then wahlah! It’s done.

Sometimes, my brain does this on its own. It takes whatever moment I’m actually living and cuts it down into snippets of the thing. I’m not saying in retrospect– but rather in the moment, as I’m cutting the onion (or whatever) my brain is like, oh, this is the moment that would be in the video. (the video that I’m not making.) —- My own experience becoming a meme of itself. And when this happens, it can feel like I’m living more in the social media reality, rather than reality itself.

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