grown from within – original song | demo

behind the song:

I mean, the truth is that I really like the chords: a minor, D major, G major, E Major that ends up in G major. I’m very much into applied chords, especially if they take us into a minor key.

Then I just started singing words on top of that progression.

It started as, “I saw through your lies,” but that felt too easy. Too uncomplicated. So I changed it to, “I saw through my lies,” which felt like uncovering something truer. And then I started thinking about all the lies I (we?) tell, mostly social lies:

“How are you?”

“I’m great, you?”

But even deeper than that– lies of identity. Like liking something because everyone else does. Or believing something because all of your friends do. Or maybe you once did believe that thing, but no longer do but it is easier to keep pretending than to live into the new thing.

Or maybe they are a way of disguising the part of you that is not socially acceptable.

The song ends with a realization.

And with a I V I V I V chord progression, because I can. Dvoark did it. It’s simply irresistible after music that feels like a paradigm shift.

Thanks for listening <3


i saw through my lies

still I said them 

like a disguise

grown from within

to shelter the place

weary and torn 

shown I was wrong 

for who I’d been born

a phone call upstairs

they told me the truth

what happened back

all of those years

the veil it was torn

choked in the words

now i see