certainty as a roadblock

“The hardest people to reach are always those who genuinely believe that they are already leading moral lives.”

Levi Vonk, Border Hacker

We often view doubt as a weakness and certainty as a strength. Certainty is a good feeling. It feels nice to “know” where we are “going when we die.” To know what we be doing tomorrow. Who we will be tomorrow. Where we will live. Who we will love.

But we do not.

And the sensation of control we get when we feel certain is only ever an illusion. On its best day, it makes us feel secure. But, on the flip side it closes us off.

Doubt is the more uncomfortable choice. But it is not a crack in the foundation that needs patched. It is a tool for deconstruction and widening our lens.

The easiest way for me to engage in doubt is to ask questions. One of my favorites:

What if I was wrong about ______?