an ode to D major

Different keys feel very different.

D major is very different than F# major, which feels like a whole different world when compared to F major.

Maybe the felt differences of these keys is due to the instrument I play: cello. The cello has 4 strings: C, G, D, and A. And whenever those notes are played– the whole instrument sings.

Regardless, D major feels very special to me. Whenever I find myself writing in D major it always feels like it is about a kind of love. Perhaps not romantic love. But the kind of love that wakes you up in the morning. The kind of stuff that makes life worth living. Maybe it is complicated. Or rather– it is complicated. It is complicated and it is fragile. And that is what makes it precious.

Fragility and temporality are what makes things so sweet. If we knew we were going to have it forever, it would not be the same. I know this, and yet I forget it.

D major makes me remember it.

I have a couple of songs in D major in the works. But here’s a little excerpt of some D major goodness so you can feel it, too.

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