like, realizing stuff

One.) What other other people say about your art is not objective. Even if they’re “experts” in the field.

Two.) Difficult decisions are most difficult when you’re in the process of making them. After you’ve made the decision it is no longer difficult. (this idea is from Debbie Milman)

Three.) We often say, “it’s all in your head,” to invalidate what another person is feeling… as if what happens in someone’s head does not shape the entire trajectory of their lives.

Four.) For the first 6 months of biking the same exact commute to school everyday I felt as if I was not getting any stronger. The ride was not getting any easier. And then suddenly, it was easier. This is also how it feels to play a musical instrument. Long stretches where it feels like nothing is improving, and perhaps I’m even receding– and then a period of really feeling improvement. I forget this during the difficult times, but remember during the “leap” times.