another one about listening

I lost my air pods. (for the 2nd? 3rd? 4th time?)

And it is forcing me to listen to my surroundings. I’m most aware of this when biking to and from school. Like most people, I use music or podcasts to distract myself from the physical torment of biking up hills. But without this distractions, I’m left with my mind and the city.

This has happened to me before– I’ve gone through phases, both by choice and circumstance, where I commute without auditory distractions. And I always come to the same conclusion that I always forget– it is actually kind of amazing:

Hearing snippets of conversation downtown. Hearing the same busker on the same corner every evening. The different sounds of different cars (and how the particular sound of a Suburban reminds you of your childhood family vehicle.)

I, then, try to figure out how I could make an auditory project that simulates what I experience on my commute, but always come to the same conclusion– it wouldn’t be the same. Luckily, the experience is available for anyone who wants to walk/bike around their city without headphones.