overconsumption and the dulling of the senses

You know that feeling when you’ve fallen into the habit of consuming anything and everything, just because you can. You start waking up with this urge to stop, but you don’t really know how or if you can. Or maybe you just don’t want to. Don’t want to face the things you’ll feel when you stop scrolling/overeating/binging.

My mind’s default setting is that any and every problem can be solved by more information, one more article, post or video. As if the knowing will do the changing. And sometimes it does, but this idea that knowing just one more thing will be the solution is simply erroneous.

Have you ever noticed that when you put away your phone/computer/binge habits for just one day you start to feel and see more? As if turning off the constant access to a river of ideas actually helped you create new ideas. Original thought. It seems crazy.

What happens when I don’t solve boredom with a click? If I let it linger? Or instead of reaching for my phone every time I get stuck on a problem, I let that linger too.

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