practice diary #2: retrospect series

My final year of academic is rapidly approaching, and in that I decided to revisit my goals from last year…or as I like to the call them– guiding questions.

From 8/2020:

I. Music as communal un/learning. 

– how can the music I play serve as a tool for dismantling the oppressive racist systems in place within myself and my community?

– how can I invite my community into my learning as a way of connection? a way of making space for communal loneliness? 

II. Practice as a space to show up for myself now. 

– what can I solve in my sound/practice today? right now? 

– what is the difference between practicing to ignore my body and practicing to be my body? 

-what do i need in my practice routine to view it as an essential element in sustaining life and hope instead of feeling like I’m ignoring everything that is happening? 

These are questions that I don’t think will ever settle, but in the following weeks I will write a bit about what I’ve learned thus far.